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Sensei Bethoney
Sensei Robert Bethoney began his training in the Uechi-Ryu Karate system in 1964. He currently holds the rank of Hanchi-sai (9th degree Master) and is a member of the Uechi-Ryu Hall of Fame. Out of the 5 different schools that he has owned, Sensei Bethoney has taught over a thousand students - many whom have won championship titles. Sensei Bethoney has also been awarded over 57 trophies for full contact and point tournaments.
  • 1970-1975 ranked top ten fighters in New England
  • 1970-1975 ranked top ten competitors for kata in New England
  • 1974 US New England Team
  • 1974 Four State Championships
  • 1975 US New England Grand Champion
  • Was inducted to the Uechi-Ryu Hall of Fame in 1983
  • 1988 Okinawan Kumite
  • 1971 Army
  • 25 years in law enforcement and counting
  • Shodan-4/15/1970
  • Nidan-9/17/1972
  • Sandan-5/18/1975
  • Yondan-12/1/1981
  • Godan-12/1/1985
  • Renshi-12/22/1988
  • Kyoshi-8/16/1994
  • Hanchi-10/23/1999
  • Hanchi-Sai-11/17/2006
  • Junshihan and Shihan Diplomas
  • All from the house of Uechi in Okinawa
1986-Present Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Sheriff
  • Capias Territory with Civil Process Office
  • Mass. Criminal Justice Training Council (MCJTC) Senior Instructor
  • MCJTC Instructor for Barnstable, Plymouth & Canton/In-service & Recruit Level
  • Mass. Sheriff’s Association (MSA) Instructor
  • Fugitive Apprehension Team Front Man
  • Was assigned to all seizures and sales of personal property
  • Undercover Operations Drug Task Force
  • First in the door on Drug Raid Team
  • Captain of Training Law Enforcement


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